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Convention Dry Charge (6N & 12N Series) Standard replacement dry charge batteries. General dependable power. High cranking power

Lithium Ion Batteries

The lastest in motorcycle battery technology, Lithium Ion batteries are the lightest and most environmentally friendly options on market.
More than 65% weight saving of normal lead-acid type batteries, makes Lithium Ion batteries perfect for track and race bikes where weight reduction is an enhancement.
Unique casing design with spacers for exact height adjustment, cases are same size as the original battery that is being replaced.

Less volume and weight - 1/3 of equivalent model normal lead-acid batteries.
No pollution - contains no acid or heavy metals such as lead, cadmiun, mercury.
Non-spilling - contains no acid.
Super cranking power - greater cranking power up to 40CA+.
Increased safety - non-polluting, non-explosive and non-combustable.
Excellent cycle life - 2000 plus charging cycles.
Easy charging - Any standard 12v mototcycle battery charger can be used with Lithium Ion batteries.

Lithium Ion Batteries
Stock Code Suitable for  
  HJIT12A-FP     YT12A-BS  
Not Available
  HJT12B-FP-S     YT12B-BS  
Not Available
  HJT9B-FP-S     YT9B-BS  
Not Available
  HJITX12-FP-S     YTX12-BS  
Not Available
  HJITX14-FP-S     YTX14-BS  
Not Available
  HJTX4L-FP     YTX4L-BS  
Not Available
  HJTX5L-FP-S     YTX5L-BS  
Not Available
  HJT7A-FP     YTX7A-BS  
Not Available
  HJT7L-FP-S     YTX7L-BS  
Not Available
  HJITX9-FP     YTX9-BS  
Not Available
  HJTZ10S-FP     YTZ10S  
Not Available
  HJTZ12S-FP-S     YTZ12S  
Not Available
  HJTZ7S-FP-S     YTZ7S  
Not Available
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Information: Bits4motorbikes dry charge lead acid battery kits, come with battery, separately contained electrolyte and a battery acid funnel, as standard.
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