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we had a testimonial page operating back in 2008 however what happened was that nobody ever got time to update it, so once in awhile bits and pieces would get put on there but it would just be always out of date. We have thousands upon thousands of satisfied customers over the years but the truth is we spend more time supporting our customers than updating things like customer testimonial pages so we just scrapped the customer testimonial page after a while, figuring it was just a bad use of our time and this is the Remains of the page.

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(We shut down the eBay shop in 2018 because of the price that it was costing to run it simply eBay was making more money out of it than we ever were and it was just not cost efficient so in the bin it went frankly we have not missed it though it did produce a very large number of sales it also reduced a lot of headaches took away an enormous amount of time and time to effort was not worth it. At its height we had over 10,000 eBay adverts operating but the fact that it wasn't really paying for itself wasn't very obvious until we studied the accounts, after a while and it did take quite a long time to understand that the costs were so high that the profit was not worth it).

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Bits4motorbikes -- Customer Testimonials Page --- a selection of past customers comments and transactions for your review.