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Hagon Mono-shocks


Motorbike Hagon Mono-shocks available for Derbi with the CC of

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(Type supplied to match model) price for each 295.95

Each Mono shock is designed specifically for top performance improving on the settings and performance of original shocks.

Nearly all Hagon monos feature adjustable damping and spring pre-load. Hagon Mono shocks are fully re-buildable and covered by a 2 year manufacturers guarantee .
Tools and instructions for adjusting damping and spring are provided.

Customised versions of our Mono shocks can be built on request. This can help with heavier loads than the original systems were designed for and variation in rider height. Our Mono shocks can normally be built to your personalised requirements. To check to see if we can supply customised Mono shock, please contact us through our e-mail system. Please supply as much information as possible such as make, year and model of the motorbike, combined weight of rider, pillion and luggage and details of the type of riding (eg: touring, sports etc). We will then check to see if a customised Mono shock can be built to your specific requirements. We will then contact you with details of the customised Mono shock. You should receive a response within 24 hours.
In the majority of cases we are able to supply customised Mono shocks to our customers specifications and satisfaction. Please contact us now to see if we can supply with your own customised Mono shock.

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As customised Mono shocks are built to your specific requirements and are not "off the shelf" items they cost an additional £75 (This can vary slightly and is subject to an annual change by the manufacturer). Order your customised Mono shock today - you will not be disappointed!


A remote hydraulic spring preload adjuster is now available to be fitted at the time of purchase for most models Hagon Hydraulic Pre-Load Adjuster
price for each add £125.00 ,
This make a HAGON Mono shock with spring preload adjuster fitted £419.95

This is a pretty much considered by customers to be state of the art in shocks. It is a fantastic shock, well dampened and good value for money.

Also customise versions of these Mono shocks with sping preload adjuster can be made available on request.
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