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Klan Li-Po CHARGER, this is the full kit from Klan
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Total: £83.95

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(NEW for 2015) Klan Li-Po charger the full kit with 5ah battery
Order code: K-KIT-EXP-BAT-Li-5


Klan Li-Po CHARGER Full Kit Motorbike Microlight Heated Clothing Battery Charger
Klan Li-Po CHARGER, this is the full kit from Klan, comprising home charger for Lithium Polymer 12V battery, including both jack and USB adapters plus mains plug, European fitting, for Lithium Polymer battery charging at home and Lithium Polymer Battery 5Ah.

The full kit allows both the recharging of Lithium Polymer batteries

Includes Lithium Polymer Battery 5Ah
Including Charger KLAN
Size: 69mm x 95mm x 16mm (Less than a pack of cigarettes)
Weight: 250gr.

Additional battery packs and other accessories available.

Klan Polymer 5Ah Batteries can be connected in series up to a Maximum load of 15000mA. The effect of this is to increase power by an extra 5Ah each time a battery is connected in series to each other. Even though the batteries are connected together in series the electronics within the battery have the effect of linking them in (in electrical terms) parallel.

An accessorie to this kit would be the Klan USB moto interface ( K-imoto) allows other items to be connected to the battery (such as GPS devices, mobile Phones, hand held gaming systems, some tablets and laptop computers).

For postage and delivery outside of the United Kingdom mainland, please contact us first before purchasing to confirm cost.
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