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Bits4motorbikes has 2523 different tyres, 1369 Fork stanchions / Replacement fork tubes, 3822 Monoshock options, over 13,662 Dual Shocks options and 54,326 SBS Brake Pads and Shoe combinations in our database. This new year of 2014 Bits4motorbikes well have more shocks for sale than any other website seller.
  COVID-19 announcement Friday, 19th of February 2021.
We are operational! We will continue operating in full of foreseeable future.
Motorbike tyre supplies in the United Kingdom are running out of stock because of lack of manufacturing directly connected to Covid-19.
Shipping to the European Union is still a problem ,however it is beginning to to ease off and the backlog is working through!
Temporarily only limited offshore UK Islands services are working properly because of Covid-19 to the Isle of Wight, The Isle of Man, Northern Ireland, The Scottish islands, Shetland Islands or the Channel Islands.
Shipping service to countries OTHER than the European Union is beginning to start the work again but there are still delays!

ALL the factories that we get stock from are open!
There are some delays in supplying some items because some of the factories are going slow.
Thank you for your support and kind patience at this time.

Bits 4 Motorbikes can now supply virtually the entire range of commercially available Continental tyres. Our system is a click and buy system. if you do not see what you need, or what you want in tyres

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(Probably the most advanced motorbike tyre search system in the world!)
Bits 4 Motorbikes can now supply virtually the entire range of commercially available Continental tyres.
Simply select the tyre you want and click and buy! We supply a wide range of motorbike tyres, however If you cannot find what you are looking for, contact us and we will find it for you.
Below is a list of links ordered by wheel sizes.

We are constantly updating our motorbike tyre database and search system and will be launching our advanced tyre search system soon. Be sure to add us to your favourites!
Please note that we do not offer advice on the suitability of tyres or their application and cannot accept any responsibility or liability in this regard. It is your responsibility to ensure that the appropriate tyre is selected. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more information.

Wheel Size Number Of Tryes
(on our Database)
Wheel Size 8 4
Wheel Size 10 30
Wheel Size 11 2
Wheel Size 12 18
Wheel Size 13 14
Wheel Size 14 12
Wheel Size 15 14
Wheel Size 16 62
Wheel Size 17 228
Wheel Size 18 77
Wheel Size 19 44
Wheel Size 21 31
Wheel Size 22 1
Continental tyres types and models list, (Click on one to find out more)
Conti Escape Conti Move 365 Conti Tour
Conti Track Slick Conti Trail Attack Conti Twist
ContiAttack SM EVO ContiCity ContiClassicAttack
ContiForce ContiGelandeSport Conti-Go
ContiMotion Continental Classic Continental Scooty
Continental Traily ContiRace Attack Custom ContiRace Attack Street
ContiRoad Attack ContiRoad Attack 2 ContiScoot
ContiSport Attack ContiTrailAttack 2 K112
K62 Blackwall K62 Whitewall KKS
KKS 10 White Wall LB Blackwall LB Whitewall
Legend Milestone CM1 Milestone CM1 Wide White Wall
Milestone CM2 Milestone CM2 Wide White Wall Race Attack Comp
Race Attack RAIN RB2 Road Attack 2
Road Attack 2 Classic Racing Road Attack 2 EVO Road Attack 3
Road Attack 3 CR Sport Attack 2 Sport Attack 3
Sport Attack SuperMoto TKC70 TKC80
TKV11 TKV12 Trail Attack 3
Twist Race Twist SM Twist Sport

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