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Dunlop, ScootSmart, Unidirectional Tyre, 80/80 -16 45P, ScootSmart ScootSmart The ScootSmart tyre represents a step forward for scooter riders. Applying all the experience gained from Dunlop's global
Dunlop tyres
Rim Diameter: 16 Load index: 45
Tyre width: 80 Speed rating: "P" Max MPH 93
Aspect ratio: 80 Tyre Type: Tubeless tyre

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70 Any Any
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Dunlop, ScootSmart, Unidirectional Tyre, 80/80 -16 45P, ScootSmart ScootSmart The ScootSmart tyre represents a step forward for scooter riders. Applying all the experience gained from Dunlop's global
SIZE: 80/80 -16 45P

Unidirectional Tyre
SIZE: 80/80 -16 45P
Our Price: £56.22
(Price last updated on 30 July 2020)

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Extra Information: ScootSmart  


The ScootSmart tyre represents a step forward for scooter riders.
Applying all the experience gained from Dunlop's globally successful RoadSmart motorcycle tyre. The ScootSmart brings unprecedented levels of technology to the small-wheel class.
Using Finite Element Analysis FEA simulation techniques and high-grade silica tread compounds to deliver an optimum mixture of grip, handling and mileage.
ScootSmart is a perfect extension of the Dunlop ride with confidence philosophy in all conditions.

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Our Price: £56.22
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A full list of white wall tyres bits4motorbikes stock White Wall Tyres

The List of Dunlop tyres Model: SCOOTSMART Sizes

Front Tyres

Rear Tyres

120/90 -10 57L   ScootSmart
110/70 -11 45L   ScootSmart
110/70 -12 47L   ScootSmart
110/70 -13 48P   ScootSmart
110/90 -13 56P   ScootSmart
120/70 -13 53P   ScootSmart
120/80 -14 58S   ScootSmart
120/70 -15 56S   ScootSmart
120/70 R15 56H   ScootSmart
120/70 -16 57S   ScootSmart
120/70 R16 57H   ScootSmart
120/90 -10 66L   ScootSmart
130/70 -10 62J   ScootSmart
130/90 -10 61L   ScootSmart
130/70 -12 56P   ScootSmart
130/70 -12 62S   ScootSmart
140/70 -12 65P   ScootSmart
130/70 -13 63P   ScootSmart
140/60 -13 57P   ScootSmart
140/60 -13 63S   ScootSmart
140/70 -13 61P   ScootSmart
150/70 -13 64S   ScootSmart
100/90 -14 57P   ScootSmart
110/80 -14 59P   ScootSmart
140/60 -14 64S   ScootSmart
140/70 -14 68S   ScootSmart
150/70 -14 66S   ScootSmart
160/60 R14 65H   ScootSmart
130/80 -15 63S   ScootSmart
140/70 -15 69S   ScootSmart
160/60 R15 67H   ScootSmart
90/80 -16 51P   ScootSmart
120/80 -16 60P   ScootSmart
130/70 -16 61S   ScootSmart
130/70 R16 61S   ScootSmart
130/80 -16 64P   ScootSmart
140/70 -16 65S   ScootSmart

Unidirectional Tyres

3.00-10 42J  ScootSmart
3.00-10 50J  ScootSmart
3.50-10 51P  ScootSmart
3.50-10 59J  ScootSmart
90/90 -10 50J  ScootSmart
90/100 -10 53J  ScootSmart
100/80 -10 53L  ScootSmart
100/90 -10 56J  ScootSmart
100/90 -10 61J  ScootSmart
120/70 -10 54L  ScootSmart
110/90 -12 64P  ScootSmart
120/70 -12 51S  ScootSmart
120/70 -12 58P  ScootSmart
130/60 -13 53P  ScootSmart
130/60 -13 60P  ScootSmart
90/90 -14 46P  ScootSmart
120/70 -14 55S  ScootSmart
100/80 -16 50P  ScootSmart
110/70 -16 52S  ScootSmart

A list of the frist 50 Dunlop tyres with a Wheel Size of 16
80/100 -16 45P  Dunlop  Custom-Tyre-K388  
90/80 -16 51P  Dunlop  ScootSmart  
90/100 -16 52M NHS  Dunlop  Geomax MX-31  
90/100 -16 52M NHS  Dunlop  MX51 GEOMAX  
90/100 -16 M/C 51P  Dunlop  Trailmax D605  
90/100 -16  Dunlop  Geomax MX-52  (NHS = Not for Highway)
90/100 -16  Dunlop  GEOMAX MX-3S  
90/100 -16 NHS  Dunlop  GEOMAX MX-33  
100/80 -16 M/C 50P  Dunlop  SCOOTER Tyres  (SH125,Scarabeo125/GT)
100/80 -16 50P  Dunlop  ScootSmart  
110/70 -16 52S  Dunlop  ScootSmart  
110/80 -16 55V  Dunlop  K205 GPX600R  F (GPX600R 1988 1996)
110/90 -16 M/C 59V  Dunlop  ARROWMAX GT501  
110/90 -16 M/C 59P  Dunlop  D404 Cruiser  (GZ125)
110/90 -16 59V  Dunlop  Arrowmax StreetSmart  
110/90 -16 59S  Dunlop  K127  
120/70 -16 57S  Dunlop  ScootSmart  
120/70 R16 57H  Dunlop  ScootSmart  
120/80 -16 M/C 60P  Dunlop  SCOOTER Tyres  (SH125)
120/80 -16 60P  Dunlop  ScootSmart  
120/80 -16 60V  Dunlop  Arrowmax StreetSmart  
130/70 ZR16 M/C (61W)  Dunlop  Qualifier II  
130/70 -16 61S  Dunlop  ScootSmart  
130/70 R16 61S  Dunlop  ScootSmart  
130/70 ZR16 (61W)  Dunlop  Sportmax GPR-300  
130/80 -16 M/C 64P  Dunlop  SCOOTER Tyres  (Scarabeo125/GT)
130/80 -16 64P  Dunlop  ScootSmart  
130/90 -16 M/C 67V  Dunlop  ARROWMAX GT501  
130/90 -16 M/C 67S  Dunlop  D404 Cruiser  (XVS650,XVS1100)
130/90 -16 M/C 67H  Dunlop  D404 Cruiser  (VN900 Classic)
130/90 -16 M/C 67H  Dunlop  D404 Cruiser  (XVS1300A)
130/90 B16 M/C 73H  Dunlop  D401 Harley Davidson  
MT90 B16 72H  Dunlop  D402 Harley Davidson  
MT90 B16 72H SW  Dunlop  D402 Harley Davidson SW  (Slim White Wall)
MT90 B16 72H WW  Dunlop  D402 Harley Davidson WW  (Wide White Wall)
MT90 B16 74H  Dunlop  D402 Harley Davidson  
MT90 B16 74H SW  Dunlop  D402 Harley Davidson SW  (Slim White Wall)
MT90 B16 74H WW  Dunlop  D402 Harley Davidson WW  (Wide White Wall)
130/90 B16 M/C 67H  Dunlop  D427 Harley Davidson  (FXDF Fat Bob)
130/90 B16 M/C 64V  Dunlop  K591 Harley Davidson  
130/90 B16 M/C 67H  Dunlop  D408F Harley Davidson  (Road King Classic 09)
130/90 B16 M/C 67V  Dunlop  GT502 Harley Davidson  
130/90 B16 67H  Dunlop  American Elite (White Wall)  (White wall tyre)
130/90-16 67H  Dunlop  Cruisemax  Victory High Ball 2012'on
130/90 -16 67V  Dunlop  Arrowmax StreetSmart  
130/90 B16 67H  Dunlop  491 Elite II  (Raised White Letters)
130/90 B16 73H  Dunlop  American Elite  
MT90 B16 72H  Dunlop  American Elite   F
MT90B16 72H  Dunlop  American Elite (Narrow White Stripe)   (Narrow White Stripe) F
MT90B16 72H  Dunlop  American Elite (White Wall)   (White wall tyre) F
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