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Bits4motorbikes has 2523 different tyres, 1369 Fork stanchions / Replacement fork tubes, 3822 Monoshock options, over 13,662 Dual Shocks options and 54,326 SBS Brake Pads and Shoe combinations in our database. This new year of 2014 Bits4motorbikes well have more shocks for sale than any other website seller.

Bits 4 Motorbikes can now supply virtually the entire range of commercially available Pirelli tyres. Our system is a click and buy system. if you do not see what you need, or what you want in tyres

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Bits 4 Motorbikes can now supply virtually the entire range of commercially available Pirelli tyres.
Simply select the tyre you want and click and buy! We supply a wide range of motorbike tyres, however If you cannot find what you are looking for, contact us and we will find it for you.
Below is a list of links ordered by wheel sizes.

We are constantly updating our motorbike tyre database and search system and will be launching our advanced tyre search system soon. Be sure to add us to your favourites!
Please note that we do not offer advice on the suitability of tyres or their application and cannot accept any responsibility or liability in this regard. It is your responsibility to ensure that the appropriate tyre is selected. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more information.

Wheel SIze Number Of Tryes
(on our DataBase)
Wheel SIze 10 27
Wheel SIze 11 5
Wheel SIze 12 35
Wheel SIze 13 20
Wheel SIze 14 34
Wheel SIze 15 17
Wheel SIze 16 71
Wheel SIze 17 332
Wheel SIze 18 73
Wheel SIze 19 49
Wheel SIze 21 30
Wheel SIze 23 1
Pirelli tyres types and models list, (Click on one to find out more)
Angel City Angel Scooter Angel ST
Angel GT II Angel GT City Demon
Diablo Rosso 2 Diablo Rosso 3 Diablo Rosso Scooter
Diablo Rosso Scooter Radial Diablo Scooter Diablo Strada
Diablo Superbike Pro Diablo Superbike Race SLICK SC0 Diablo Superbike Race SLICK SC1
Diablo Superbike Race SLICK SC2 Diablo Superbike Race SLICK SC3 DIABLO Supercora BSB
Diablo SuperCorsa SC Diablo SuperCorsa SC1 Diablo SuperCorsa SC2
Diablo SuperCorsa SP Diablo SuperCorsa SP C Diablo SuperCorsa V2 SP
Diablo Wet Diablo Corsa Diablo Corsa III
Diablo HR Diablo Race Rain Diablo Race Rain SCR1
Diablo Race Rain SCR1 BLOCK Diablo Rosso 2 Diablo Rosso Corsa
Diablo Rosso Original Diablo Sport Exclusive Diablo Strada
Diablo Superbike Dragon SuperCorsa Pro Dragon SuperCorsa Pro SC
EVO 21 EVO 22 GTS 23
GTS 24 MT 60 MT 66 ROUTE
MT 75 MT21 Rallycross MT43 PRO TRIAL
MT60 RS MT60 RS C Night Dragon
Night Dragon BIAS Night Dragon FRONT Night Dragon GT
Night Dragon GT REAR Phantom Sportscomp Rosso Corsa 2
SC 30 Scorpion MT 90 A/T Scorpion MT 90 S/T
Scorpion MX eXTra Scorpion MX eXTra J Scorpion MX eXTra X
Scorpion MX Hard 486 Scorpion MX Mid Hard 454 Scorpion MX Mid Soft 32
Scorpion MX Soft 410 Scorpion PRO Scorpion PRO Hard
Scorpion Rally Scorpion Rally STR Scorpion Sync
Scorpion Trail Scorpion Trail II Scorpion Trail II D
Scorpion Trail II G Scorpion Trail II K Scorpion XC Mid Soft
SL 26 SL 36 DJ SL 38 Unico
SL 60 SL 90 Sport Demon
ST 66 SuperCorsa SC0 V3 SuperCorsa SC1 V3
SuperCorsa SC2 V3 SuperCorsa SP V2 SuperCorsa SP V3
SuperCorsa V2 SC1 SuperCorsa V2 SC2  

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