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Motorbike Wilbers mono-shocks available for 1000cc YAMAHA's
YAMAHA YZF 1000 R1  2007 - 2008 ( RN19 )
YAMAHA YZF 1000 R1  2004 - 2006 ( RN12 )
YAMAHA FZS 1000  2001 ( RN06/RN14 )
YAMAHA YZF 1000 R1  1998 - 2003 ( RN01,RN04,RN09 )
YAMAHA YZF 1000 R1  1998 - 2003 ( RN01,RN04,RN09 )
YAMAHA YZF 1000 R Thunderace  1996 - 1997 ( 4SV,4VD )
YAMAHA GTS 1000  1993 ( 4BH )
YAMAHA GTS 1000  1993 ( 4BH )
YAMAHA FZR 1000 EXUP  1989 ( 3LE/3GM )
YAMAHA FZR 1000  1986 - 1988 ( 2LA )
YAMAHA XV 1000 TR 1/SE  1981 ( 5A8/23W )

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Wilbers have been developing bike suspension since 1985, and have had certified factory production of their own parts since 1998. Bits4Motorbikes now sell Wilbers shocks to the UK and World-wide!

Wilbers Adjust-Line 6-series Road shocks

Wilbers Adjust-Line range of shocks adds on-the-bike control on top of the factory customised set-up which comes as standard. All 6-series Adjust-Line shocks have the option for variable ride-angle adjustment of +-5mm.
Also in the range, as well as spring pre-load continuous adjustment, are options for separate Hydraulic Pre-load adjustment; adjustable compression with separate high- and low-speed tuning by 22 clicks each; 22-click Rebound damper adjustment. Useful where riding conditions change due to riding 2-up, and changes in road surfaces or speed.

Wilbers Eco-Line 5-series Road shocks

Wilbers Eco-Line Road shocks are basic road shocks built from Wilbers Racing Suspension components and to the same high standard, namely (strict) German ABE certification. Same wet-run piston and high grade self-aligning bearings with Teflon-coated swing points, so no metal on metal. Same 5 year guarantee. Fully rebuildable.
Spring Pre-load with continuous adjustment. Custom length build (raise / lower ride height) no extra charge. Custom weight build no extra charge. Available in all lengths over 260mm to fit most bikes before 2005.
All Wilbers shocks are individually built standard 14 day delivery, with express option. Available in black spring only. Contact us with your bike and rider details for a best-priced quote.

Also customised versions of these Mono shocks with sping preload adjuster can be made available on request.
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