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Ikon Motorbike Shocks
(is Koni made under licence!)


Motorbike Ikon mono-shocks and Twin Shocks available for Triumph with the CC of
750 900 1200 1700 2300

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The Ikon Shock the business was set up purely to exclusively import, distribute and service Koni shock absorbers. Over all Proven Products and Ikon Suspension is more than just a warehouse, and more than just a factory. We have considerable experience, gained from our many years of specialising in suspension. Ikon factory not only has facilities and equipment for R & D, manufacture and testing those products we commonly sell but also the servicing shock absorbers of many different designs and capacities. Customising products to the needs of each individual is something we eagerly specialise in as part of our service.

The Ikon shock is equipped with the following techniques:
- Most Ikon motorbike twin shocks have spring seat adjustable in three positions (most applications)
- For applications over 40 years old
- Modern technology for old applications
- Rebuildable and revalvable
- For motorcycle mono shock steel bodied mono tube, gas pressurized design
- Most ikon mono-shock have adjustable damping
- The mono shocks have spring seat screw thread adjustable for ultimate fine tuning.

Also customise versions of these Mono shocks with sping preload adjuster can be made available on request.
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